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Elon Musk, The World’s Richest Person, Wants To Be Paid In Bitcoin

Elon Musk, the billionaire chief executive of Tesla and SpaceX who’s known to be a fan of bitcoin, … [+] recently became the world’s richest person.

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Musk, who’s ridden Tesla’s soaring share price to the top of the world’s rich lists over the last year, is known to be a fan of bitcoin, regularly tweeting and other cryptocurrencies ().

With the bitcoin price reaching never-before-seen highs , bitcoin and similar digital currencies have returned to for the first time since bitcoin’s 2017 boom and subsequent bust.

The value of the combined bitcoin and cryptocurrency market has now . The bitcoin price smashed through $40,000 per bitcoin , with the total value of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency passing $750 billion—and pushing bitcoin up the charts of .

The bitcoin price, after suffering through a three-year bear market, began to rally in October— as a wave of big-name investors named bitcoin as .

The bitcoin price has soared far past its 2017 high of around $20,000 over the last month, helped by … [+] attention from big-name investors and the likes of Elon Musk.


In December, Musk sparked wild speculation his electric car company could  during a public exchange on Twitter.

Musk, responding to the chief executive of MicroStrategy   , a business intelligence company that has  in recent months by buying over $1 billion worth of bitcoin, asked whether it was possible to convert billions of Tesla’s dollars to bitcoin.

A week later, Musk, who wants to make a manned mission to Mars a reality in just a few short years, tweeted a future Mars economy , such as bitcoin.

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